Viking-derby coming up!

Forget about El Classico, Merseyside, Old Firm and Super Classico! Next weekend brings you perhaps the biggest derby in history when Shanghai Sexy Vikings host the game between them and Shanghai Vikings.

For the first time since the Viking Cup in Hong Kong in 2016, two Shanghai Vikings teams will face each other in what is considered the greatest derby around the globe. The two sides face each other in the ASAS7 Division C.
The guests from Shanghai Vikings have so far had an amazing campaign with maximum points after 4 games, whereas the hosts only have one win in 3 games.

Form is not considered important
Looking at the table, Shanghai Vikings are supposed to be huge favourites, but as many other derbies around the world, these games often get so intense that a very equal game is expected.
The coach of Shanghai Vikings, Lars Algayer, also expects a very difficult game: “I will make sure than none of our players goes into this game with the expectation of an easy win”, the young hopeful coach said and added that it would be a special experience for him to play against his idol and mentor Martin Lambertsen, better known as the Lamborghini.

Shanghai Sexy Vikings

The coach of the Sexy Vikings was however very confident before the game: “I know everyone expect Shanghai Vikings to get an easy victory against us, but honestly I consider them having the slightest chance a big joke. I watched their game last week and they clearly have temper issues and their mental fatigue is weak.” Gary Saunders said and referred to the red card Edwin Pfeil received after loosing it completely. Before mentioned player will return after not playing the last game.

High brand value for the league
The league owners, Antionio Severo and Tom Zheng, are also looking forward to the game, as it is expected to increase the brand value of the league exponentially. “This game is the very reason to why we denied Shanghai Vikings to start in the B-divison” Tom Zheng said with dollar signs in his eyes whereto Antonio added: “We are truly looking forward to hosting this derby between the two sides and expect it to be a very intense game”.

Already two weeks before the game, the stands were totally sold out despite rumours of alcohol free beers being the only beer available. This rumour was later denied by everyone around the league, so fear not, you thirsty derby fans!

Shanghai Vikings (Kindergarten)

Latino Luiz on the injury list
The “often-injured-before-important-games”-striker Latino Luiz is once again on the injury list before this important game and it’s doubtful he will be ready in time. It is speculated, that the Brazilian striker fakes his injuries in order to avoid getting humiliated by the Sexy defence. The striker himself of course denied those rumours and said that all STDs are serious and should be taken care off. Whether coach Lars will accept this as a valid injury or not are unclear, but with his colourful past he must have played a game or two with STDs himself.

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April 13 - 16, 2017

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