Coach Henrik’s post VC18 report

The 29th Viking Cup in Singapore was truly one to remember. Not so much because of the results on the pitch but mostly because of all the hilarious and stupid stuff that happened outside. The last couple of years we have gotten used to have a huge number of players joining the Cup but this year was very different and we ended up only having 14 players as well as a few Vikingnettes. Sending a huge squad to the Viking Cup is always nice but having a small team actually has some advantages. When you are only 14 players you fight as one united team, you party as one united team and you join the Viking Cup as one united Shanghai Vikings. What we didn’t manage to deliver on the pitch we definitely delivered singing in the bars and dancing on the dance floors.

Jonas: The Swiss Wall and father to be, had taken the long flight from Switzerland to join the ranks. Jonas played quite a lot and made some good runs from both wings. With his charming and positive attitude, the Swiss Wall is always a pleasure to have on the team. Although we almost sold him back in a song battle with the Saigon Raiders, I would love to see him represent the Shanghai Vikings again next year in Thailand. Tjikkaboom!

 Bytoft: Bytoft also took a long flight from the US of A to join us in Singapore. Much appreciated!! Bytoft had a good tournament playing mostly on the wings but occasionally also in the midfield. He also played a significant role in scouting the place for our Friday night team dinner which ended up being one of the highlights of the whole Cup. Another thing worth mentioning is that he was the only one going all in on the Matrix outfit at the gala dinner by actually wearing the real Agent Smith sunglasses! Well done Bytoft!

 Kristian: Kristian played his first Viking Cup and made an immediate impact on the pitch. He played in several different positions in midfield and attack and no matter where I placed him he just kept on running. In the last game against Beijing he sealed the victory putting in the 2-0 goal. From a disciplinary point of view Kristian had a very good tournament and I rate him as one of our most valuable players during the Cup. 

Kenneth: Kenneth also played his first Viking Cup and was thrown directly to the lions in the first couple of matches where he struggled a bit but still kept his fighting spirit intact. In the last game against Beijing he played a very good game where he gave no room to the Beijing winger. No doubt that Kenneth enjoyed his first Viking Cup and I hope to see him again next year in Thailand. Kenneth even managed to go directly into the beer drinking team, performing as the deadly number 4.

George: What a lad and what a Viking! Georgie played almost full time and did so with a broken finger demonstrating true Viking character. Georgie was also part of the Lambo Condo Dorm Gang where he, according to himself, sorted out the whole lost-key-situation. Georgie is such an important player on and off the pitch and to everybody’s surprise he made it into the beer drinking competition team. We really need him again next year, primarily for football and social skills.

Gelardi: Gelardi probably didn’t expect to play 300 minutes of football when he arrived in Singapore but it was very important that he did. He did an impressive amount of running as well as cleaning up in the midfield but most importantly, he pulled us out of the goal drought against Beijing in the Wooden Spoon Final with a fluke from 30 meters out. Deflection/erection. 

Gatten: 9 time Viking Cup veteran, Gatten, not surprisingly joined the Shanghai Vikings again this year. Gatten didn’t quite reach the amazing level he had in Saigon in 2015 but he still showed a lot of quality and helped seal the victory against Beijing with a brilliant assist to Kristian. Gatten is always a huge asset to have around the team and there is no doubt in my mind that we will see him again next year in Thailand to claim his 10th Viking Cup pin.

Willms: Willms is one of our most composed players and never loses his temper. When yours truly got injured in the second match, the gloves were passed on to Willms and he did an excellent job guarding the goal for us. He had some crucial saves and interceptions in the super important last game against Beijing.

Lambertsen: Already before the Cup started our dear Lambo had already been creating headlines by renting an Airbnb dormitory where he stayed together with 5 other companions from the team. 3 beds, 1 toilet and 1 key to share. Eventually, that single key got lost leaving the task of reentering the dorm to Kasper Sausage Holst. Later, George would claim that he sorted out the whole key situation. Lambertsen had a very good tournament playing almost full time on the right back. However, the most ridiculous situation was probably when he was denied access to one of the more high-end locations of Singapore’s nightlife being called “small boy” in the process. All in all, Lambertsen had a great Cup and is always a great Viking to have around our team.

Jakob: Where to begin… Jakob was a late addition to the Viking Cup Team this year and I’m sure we can agree that he was the center of attention of many memorable situations. His Glostrup-techno-dance to the Bandidos Mix in the party bus, when he got slapped across the face with 5 BBQ shrimp skewers, his ability to doze off in very crowded places, being spanked by Les by various object and last but not least, when he decided to take off his shirt in celebration after Gelardi’s 1-0 goal against Beijing resulting in a yellow card and a 5 minutes sideline ban at a very crucial time in the game.

Holst: Holst made a huge contribution in the preparation for the Viking Cup trying to get hold of all the signups as well as the coordination with the organizers from Singapore. Neither an easy nor attractive job, I can tell you! Sausage played a good tournament but unfortunately, he had to pull the emergency break against Singapore and received a straight red card leaving him banned in the last game against Beijing. Georgie might disagree, but Holst was actually the true hero in sorting out the whole lost-key-situation in the Lambo Condo Dorm.

Les: Before the Cup even started Les had been part of a bizarre transfer twist where he decided to play for Copenhagen after immense pressure and extortion from the new Copenhagen Vikings Coach, Stefan. But in the 11th hour he was persuaded to show his true colors and a transfer back to Shanghai was agreed upon. Our solid defender played almost full time and was as expected just as vocal on the pitch as outside. Again this year Les came up with a bunch of hilarious songs including: “What shall we do with the underager!”

Gustav: Our Captain, Goose, almost fooled everybody when he made a surprise turn-up at Hax‘ pre-Cup BBQ party thereby announcing his participation in the Cup. Goose started in the midfield but due to injuries and match bans, our Captain played the last couple of games in the central defense being a solid and commanding presence. I am sure that Goose was pretty amazed about the whole magnitude and fun-level of the Viking Cup and I am sure we will see our Captain again next year in Thailand!

Captain’s view on Coach: Coach Henrik is probably the best keeper and public speaker, in the tournament. Unfortunately for himself and the Shanghai Vikings he got injured during the first day of competition. There’s a rumor saying it might have been a fake injury due to wife and off field duties, but nobody knows for sure. His good and positive spirit helped the Shanghai Vikings win the off field competition, including beer drinking, good team atmosphere and a nice team dinner with enough shrimps for an entire American tactical handball team (some call it American football).

Thanks for yet an amazing Viking Cup guys! WHAT ARE WE!!!!!!

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