Match report: Shanghai Vikings Vs. Zhuoxuan

Shanghai Vikings vs. Zhuoxuan (2-1) It was a tremendous afternoon for the Vikings management team. After a long rebuilding phase for the Vikings from the ‘Little People’ up. The hard work and perseverance bore fruit with a deserved victory. Thanks

Match report: Shanghai Vikings Vs. Shanghai Japan FC

Amid speculation of a media war brewing within the Viking media department, the team met at new sponsor bar ‘Cotton’s’ and prepared to head to PuJersey for the first game of the season. Going into the game, the Vikings had

Coach Henrik’s post VC18 report

The 29th Viking Cup in Singapore was truly one to remember. Not so much because of the results on the pitch but mostly because of all the hilarious and stupid stuff that happened outside. The last couple of years we

Shanghai Vikings 2 –1 Reunited

On a rainy September day in Shanghai, the Vikings started their season. Being considered extreme underdogs, with bookmakers leaving them only a theoretical chance of getting even one point from the game, the world was up for a huge surprise.

Match Report: Longtang vs. Vikings

Vikings vs. LongTang FC  It was a big weekend for the Vikings squad as they had 3 new debutantes ready to pop their Viking cherries.  It was a ramshackle line-up but one with lots of potential and a big gamble

Match Report: Longtang vs. Vikings

The weekend started well for the club as Friday night saw a consortium of Vikings win the lottery before then preceding to give the winnings straight to the club finances by arriving late for the bus. Generosity personified none more-so

Match Report: Vikings vs. Voodoo Child

Drone strike ends in draw Voodoo Child gets draw against Shanghai Vikings in spite of newly purchased superstar and fraud accusations.    Shanghai Vikings 2-2 Voodoo Child (0-2)  0-1 Coach Henrik own goal 0-2 Voodoo Child striker 1-2 Wale 2-2

Match Report: Kangbei vs. Vikings

WALE SHOCKS CRITICS WITH FIRST GOAL FOR VIKINGS  Followed by a return to his old ways with a classically missed penalty Kangbei 0-2 Vikings (0-2)  0-1 Adewale Olorunjueda Adebowale 0-2 Janus Olsen Yellow cards: Probably Jasper Coach: 90 minutes +

Match Report: Vikings vs. Cosmos

Vikings 3-5 Cosmos  (1-3)  0-1 Cosmos captain 1-1 Rasmus Tranberg 1-2 Jordan 1-3 Jordan 2-3 Gullak 2-4 Unknown Cosmos player 3-4 Saften 3-5 Unknown Cosmos player

Match Report: Vikings vs. Happy FC

December 10th 2016 Vikings 5-1 Happy FC (2-0) 1-0 Jasper 2-0 Mikkel Lund 3-0 Stefan (Penalty) 4-0 Jonas 5-0 Bega 5-1 Unknown Happy player   Yellow cards: Gumpi, Lambertsen, Janus, Jasper Red cards: Janus Another sunny day at the WGQ

Match Report: Vikings vs. Tianfu

Vikings vs Tian Fu (1-2) – 10th of December 2016 This was a game that the Vikings walked into with maybe not as much respect for their opponents as they would normally carry, which would come back to haunt them. 

Match Report: Vikings vs. Azzurri

  The Vikings were back in action this weekend for one of the wettest and coldest days of their campaign. This one was a Cup game so it was a must win in horrible conditions for both teams.  The pitch

Match Report: Shanghai Vikings vs Voodoo

In an exciting game where nothing much actually happened, the Vikings continued their current trend of having an inspiring defense and solid midfield only to flat line in front of goal. It seems the team have now fully adopted the

Match Report: Shanghai Vikings vs Anzacs

  In a game which, much to Casper Seegert’s dismay, only one team dominated the Vikings saw off an ageing Anzac team to a 1-0 victory. The game’s FIFA stats would look something like this:   A generally solid performance

Match Report: Shanghai Vikings vs Voodoo Child

The Vikings were back in action this weekend after a long break due to Golden Week. You could see a bit of rust built up which led to a labored albeit disciplined performance, to have them see off a closely

Pre-match: Voodoo Child vs. Shanghai Vikings FC

Match Report: Shanghai Vikings vs KangBei

The Vikings season has kicked off with a well deserved win in their first test of the 16/17 contest.  First half was a pile of shit with half the team looking still drunk from the night before but the Vikings turned the

Pre-Season Tournament

Game 1 – Shooters Seniors 0-0  An enthusiastic and determined Viking squad took the field with all the confidence and braggadocio of a team that punched heavy last season to land #rd place in the SIFL league table.  The Vikings

Match Report: Shanghai Vikings vs Voodoo

Shanghai Vikings vs. Voodoo FC 2-4 (1-2)  On a day wetter than Per and Rasmus’s hotel sheets at the Viking Cup.  The team knew it was a game where grit and determination were more important than technical skill or the

Match Report: Shanghai Vikings vs. Kangbei

On the morning of the Kangbei game a cold front had reached Shanghai. Perhaps that was the reason for the new star player and not-yet-so-much-of-a-Viking, Kasper Julin, to pull from the game. STARTING XI: With Kasper out Coach Henrik needed

Match Report: Shanghai Vikings vs Longtang AFC

It was a rainy day in Shanghai. In fact, torrential rain was pouring from the Shanghai sky cleaning the air from the usual pollution level. The chilly weather and heavy rain was producing perfect conditions for the Shanghai Vikings to

Match Report: Shanghai Vikings vs. Longtang AFC

After finally having turned around the string of poor results in the beginning of the year with a 2-0 win against Voodoo Child two weeks ago, Vikings were once again ready for battle in the SIFL Plate Cup. This day’s

Match Report: Shanghai Vikings vs. Anzacs

After a well-deserved winter break it was once again time for the Shanghai Vikings to tie the shoe lazes and get on the pitch against physical and always hard fighting Anzacs team. The Anzacs, as we know them, is a

Match Report: Shanghai Vikings vs. Kangbei

League leaders Shanghai Vikings arrived to the Waigaoqiao pitch with a massive squad for the game against second placed Kangbei. During the week Coach Henrik had complained about the excess of quality players and how he had to make some

Match Report: Shanghai Vikings vs. Voodoo

Shanghai Vikings – Voodoo SIFL 1st Division December 5th 2015 – 3.00PM Final result: 2-0  (halftime: 1-0) Goals: Bruun, Bega Man of Match: Bega Yellow cards: nil Today was the much awaited top game between the Shanghai Vikings and Voodoo. Both teams had shown remarkable

Match report: Shanghai Vikings – Shanghai United

Shanghai Vikings – Shanghai United SIFL 1st Division October 28th 2015 – 11.00 am Final result: 4-3  (halftime: 2-2) Goals: Bega, Helk, Rasmussen (2) Man of Match: Bega Yellow cards: Kanchha, Bruun, Stefan, Jonas Match report The Shanghai weather had

Match report: Shanghai Vikings – Voodoo Child

Shanghai Vikings – Voodoo Child SIFL 1st Division October 17th 2015 – 9.00 am Final result: 2-1  (halftime: 0-1) Goals: Lasse (65’), Chris (75’) Man of Match: Lasse Yellow cards: Dragos Match report Shanghai showed itself from its best side

Match report: Tianfu – Shanghai Vikings

Tianfu 2-2 Vikings / Saturday September 19 2015 1st half 0-1    Max Twisselman (Anders Bruun) 1-1     Tianfu 2nd half 1-2     Anders Bruun (Anders Bruun) 2-2    Tianfu (Pen.) Man of match: Stefan Yellow cards: Max, Rasmus, Mikkel & Alexander Gamborg Yet

Match report: Pre-season friendly vs. FC Orange

Result: FC Oranje vs. Shanghai Vikings 3-3 (1-3) Goals: 1-0  Oranje goal 1-1   Peter Tabor 1-2  Peter Tabor 1-3  Ahmet 2-3  Oranje goal 3-3  Oranje goal Yellow Cards: Jens Christensen Man of Match: Anders Bruun Line up: John “Main Viking” Poulsen Alexander

Match report: Shanghai Vikings – Hstone HFC

The last game of the season was played in Songjiang since there wasn’t any available pitches at our normal venue in Waigaoqiao, Pudong. The pitch in Songjiang wasn’t exactly what we’ve hoped for. The grass was as long as the

Match report: 1st Division Plate Cup Final

3United – Shanghai Vikings FC Today’s match was nothing less than the cup final between the Vikings and 3united.  After an average season with no other trophies in sight needless to say the expectations were tremendously high. On this cloudy

Match report: Shanghai Vikings vs. Anzacs FC

Yet again it had become semifinal time for Shanghai Vikings, around 1 month after the Viking cup semifinal however this time with a completely differnet and a bit younger squad. A great day forfootball in Shanghai and the scnery was

Match report: Shanghai Vikings vs. Voodoo FC

It was the long expected battle between Voodoo & Vikings to settle who could be battling for a top 4 position. Vikings needed at least 1 point to stay ahead of Voodoo. Beautiful sunny day with lots of beers on

Match report: Voodoo Child vs. Shanghai Vikings

Voodoo Child – Shanghai Vikings, First Division plate cup A 16 man strong team showed up for the plate quarter final against our practice buddies from Voodoo Child. We started out the game pretty well and mainly controlled the midfield

Tournament report: Viking Cup 2015

Squad:  Keeper: John Defenders:  Rasmus, Hax, Claus, Wilms, Pede, Luuk Midfielders: Jens, Lionel, Anders Amby, Mikkel, Bytoft, Smiegel, Max, Peter Rasmussen Attackers: Gatten Injuries:  Alex, Coach Henrik FRIDAY – GROUP STAGE Beijing Vikings vs. Shanghai Vikings The legendary derby between

Match report: Shanghai Vikings vs. Krauts FC

The spring arrived to Shanghai, not a cloud in sight, but still nice and misty sky with higher than average pollution levels. A wonderful day in the park! Today’s match was the much awaited game between Shanghai Krauts and Shanghai

Match report: 3United vs. Shanghai Vikings

It was a dark, cloudy and rain full afternoon at the Shanghai Rugby club. Time for a real Football battle between the Vikings & 3United.  On paper it looked like one of the strongest Vikings team we were to gather

Match report: Shanghai Cosmos vs. Shanghai Vikings

Another great day for Fooball in Shanghai had com for the Vikings, this time against long time rivals Cosmos where we always play some intense and tough games against. Even though Coach Henrik struggled to find the manpower during the

Match report: Shanghai Vikings vs. Shanghai United

A rare blue sky had appeared over Shanghai this Saturday afternoon, giving the Vikings permission to go out into another massacre on the pitch. It was a fired up Viking squad meeting up at BB with Kasper Gelardi and new

Match report: Shanghai Vikings vs. Voodoo Child

We started the game with a strong head wind and surprisingly enough the team from the bottom of the table managed to put us under quite some pressure for the first 15 minutes. Before the game our game plan was

Match report: Shanghai Vikings vs. Shanghai Cosmos

We knew that the game against Cosmos would be a tough one as our former practice buddies always play a well-organized game with some fast strikers up front. Once again Vikings decided to go for the three-man central midfield which

Match report: Shanghai Vikings vs. Anzacs FC

When we started the game against Anzacs FC we were prepared to play the entire game with no substitutions. Knowing that stamina could be one decisive factor we decided to play a conservative game where we tried to contain the

Match report: 3United vs. Shanghai Vikings

First Half: Vikings started out well and continued to play in the 5-4-1 formation that had proven itself successful the week before. We created a lot of chances in the first 20 minutes and could have been up with one

Match report: Voodoo Child vs. Shanghai Vikings

Last Saturday we finally turned things around, both in terms of the number of sign-ups and the amount of points collected after the final whistle. We could actually field a team from the players who showed up at Big Bamboo

Match Report: Puxi Lions vs. Vikings

We knew the match against last year’s winners of the SIFL Premier League would be a tough one. Friday evening we thought that we would only be 12 players for the game, but some late sign ups from our young

Match report: Krauts vs. Vikings

The game against Krauts was expected to be a tough one. Knowing that Krauts is a team that scores a lot of goals we started out with a strong focus on our defense and then go for the counter attacks

Match report: Vikings vs. Hstone

We started the game really well and controlled most of the first half. Hstone had a few counter attacks but apart from that they couldn’t really play through our midfield and defense. 5 minutes played and just like last week

Match report: Voodoo vs. Vikings

This match report will not be as lengthy and amusing as the previous ones Hax has spoiled us with. The first 20 minutes of the game Voodoo had us under a lot of pressure and we really struggled keeping possession

Match report: United vs. Vikings

What a beautiful day it is in Shanghai with 28 degrees Celsius, only 74% humidity, a lower than average PM2.5 of 117, and a sky free of clouds but yet quite so misty. Shanghai classic! Today’s match is Shanghai United

Match report: Cosmos vs. Vikings

         Welcome back after a long holiday to the SIFL 1st division. Decent weather for football, 25 degrees and 60% humidity, however also 160 PM2.5. Perfect, almost. Today’s match is Shanghai Vikings vs Shanghai Cosmos, two sides

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