Beijing Vikings in contractual misunderstanding!

Whether it’s a contractual misunderstanding from the Beijing Vikings senior management or just a young intern in their SoMe-department, either situations are unclear. Nevertheless, Beijing Vikings are jeopardizing their relations with their Mother Club, Shanghai Vikings.

Based on the Beijing Vikings Facebook site, they have secured Jeppe Carøe Andersen for the Viking Cup in Hua Hin. So far so good, but the truthfulness of the news ends here.

In the statement below, you can read that he had been on a loan spell with Shanghai Vikings, which is obviously a lie as he played two games on the weekend for his rightful employer. Furthermore, it is mentioned in the statement, what is considered a big joke to the rest of the world, that Jeppe had been treated poorly in Shanghai: “That’s of course pure imagination from PJ’s side. My future lies in Shanghai and this is just a temporary solution on my way back to Shanghai glory.” The young midfielder stated on his way to practice.

Contract nonsense from Beijing

From Coach Henrik’s side, the story was also taken with ease: “I wasn’t even aware of this as very few of us follow their press releases. To be honest, we care more about serious opponents, but I can of course tell you that this is pure imagination from their side. I don’t have anything to add to this, so we can move to more important matters”.

Classical little brother syndrome

In what is best described as a poor attempt to be funny, the feeder club also announced they would welcome any former Beijing Viking player back to Beijing. In specific they mentioned the right back Martin Lamborghini (a machine build for speed), who’s level is way above the level of any player in Beijing Vikings. What a sensational right back. Truly a living legend.

We reached him for a comment, but as usual, the humble right back tried to smooth out the poor behaviour of the club who created a platform for him to reach the level he have today: “It’s a bit sad to see my former club behave this way, but please remember it’s not easy to have an older brother that always outshine you.” The media shy right back told before adding: “I will of course use the chance to deny any kind of rumours if it’s even necessary”.

More Beijing nonsense

Is Philip J. Nice fit to manage Beijing Vikings in his current mental condition?

 On a much more serious note, the world press have started raising the question, “is Philip J. Nice is mentally fit to lead the Beijing Vikings?” With the recent lies, contractual misunderstandings and pointless claims about Shanghai Vikings treatment of players. We contacted the psychiatrist S. H. Rink and former mental doctor for José Mourinho, for a comment on Philip’s current mental status. “This looks like a classical example of what I call the “Mourinho-syndrome”. He suddenly believes he’s better than he is. Believes the club he’s in is bigger than it is and starts shooting random on other people, like in the case of Martin Lamborghini.” S. H. Rink told before reminding us all how it ended up for Mourinho in his last two jobs.

In a official press statement last night, Shanghai Vikings declared this topic closed and that they wouldn’t comment on further nonsense from Beijing, as it would jeopardize the fine relation between the two clubs.

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